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Call to Action Examples - Call to Action example library with 100+ CTA ideas | Product Hunt

This page has everything you need to create conversion-boosting CTAs for any marketing goal. You'll create a call-to-action's so good, even your grandma will click on it.

Why do you need call to action ideas?

We all need to be inspired to create. So make sure you get lots of inspiration around you when finding call-to-action placeholders.

PERSONA 1: Beth Smith

Performance Marketer

Performance Marketer Beth

β€œI am running multiple A/B tests for Ad campaigns simultaneously so,

I can't get creative anymore.”

PERSONA 2: Rick Sanchez


Developer Rick

β€œI’m a scientist; because I invent, transform, create, and destroy for a living, and

when I don’t like something about the world, I change it.”

PERSONA 3: Morty Smith


Entrepreneur Morty

β€œis it realy that important?”

Rick and Morty

β€œYes, Morty it is realy important! Did you know that a good CTA text can improve conversion rates up to %500?”

Mr. Poopybutthole

Marketing Master

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Call to Action Examples for Every Situation

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E-Commerce CTA Examples

E-commerce call to action examples to improve conversion rates in your online store.


Digital Product CTA Examples

Find, Filter, and copy call-to-action examples will help you to sell more copies.


Free Trial CTA Examples

Convert visitors to qualified lead by offering them an incentive that helps them to solve a problem.


Mobile App CTA Examples

I want to promote my mobile app.


SaaS CTA Examples

Get more clicks with great call-to-action buttons.


Online Course CTA Examples

These proven call-to-action examples will help you to get more clicks.


Negative CTA Examples

I want to promote my mobile app.


Membership CTA Examples

Quickly create winning call to action buttons phrases for your membership business.


Contact Info CTA Examples

Asking for a phone number is hard. But it is much more likely to get one if you try these call-to-action examples.


Newsletter CTA Examples

Use these call to action phrases to turn visitors into prospects and grab an e-mail address.


Survey CTA Examples

Asking people to take a survey is as hard as converting visitors into sales. Here are some examples for you to increase your survey sample size.


Event CTA Examples

Use these examples to attract people's attention for events, from weddings and birthdays to conferences or company parties.


HR CTA Examples

You can use these call to action button phrases to attract talents' attention and make you get an application.


Donation CTA Examples

You can use these templates to collect donations for a good cause.


Webinar CTA Examples

You can use these templates to collect donations for a good cause.


Upsell CTA Examples

coming soon.


Referral CTA Examples

coming soon.


Consultancy CTA Examples

coming soon.

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